Our Mission: To make the movie-going experience more accessible by using technology to remove language barriers and obstacles related to hearing and audio preferences.

About: myLINGO is a user-friendly audio synchronization app used by guests at the movie theater to improve their experience by playing an alternative track in their preferred language through their earphones. The audio tracks are produced and provided to myLINGO by Hollywood studios via un-precendented licensing agreements. Once the trailers end and the movie begins, myLINGO’s technology uses the microphone on the user’s device to recognize the movie audio. Using a proprietary algorithm, myLINGO then matches the unique audio signature to its precise place in the movie. The corresponding audio file will only play if it recognizes the movie, and once the movie is over, the file self-deletes from the user’s device.

Founders’ Story: Founded in 2012 out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, myLINGO is the brainchild of siblings Adam Polak and Olenka Polak. Inspired by their Polish-speaking parents, the brother and sister team used technology to overcome language barriers, finding a way to provide multi-lingual families with the wonderful experience that is going to the movies together.


Movie-goers can enjoy the myLINGO audio experience in three easy steps:

  1. Download the free myLINGO app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Before going to the theater, choose the audio file for the desired film and download it - either at home, or someplace with a strong Wi-Fi connection.

  3. Bring a fully charged smartphone and good quality earphones to the theater. Press “play” after the trailers end, and the feature film begins.

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